TrueForm Enduro

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TrueForm Enduro
TrueForm Enduro
TrueForm Enduro
TrueForm Enduro
TrueForm Enduro
TrueForm Enduro

The TrueForm Enduro was first used in the CrossFit Games! These pre-loved models have  NEW axles, bearings, guide rollers, belts, covers and computer boards. What's the difference between the Enduro and the Trueform Runner? The TrueForm Enduro handrails are 58 inches high and the TrueForm Runner handrails are 63 inches high.


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Belt & Tread Components: 10 years 
  • Display: 2 years 
  • Paint: As is - slight paint imperfections


  • Weight: 340 lbs
  • Length: 64 in 
  • Width: 36 in 
  • Height: 58 in
  • Max User Weight: 400 lbs
Both The Runner and Trainer have a very smooth belt and the most shallow curves on the market, which is critical for promoting a balanced healthy gait. Our shallow curved running belts also have the least inertia, so they are safe and easy to control your speed.This will be important for group classes so the belt doesn't over accelerate.

Speaking more generally, The Runner is handcrafted in CT, overbuilt like a tank 100% all metal construction and hand welded. The result is it feels heavier underfoot; it's quieter. It's very sensitive and provides organic feedback for good posture and gait. It is the best treadmill you can buy.

The Trainer is a lighter version of the Runner built in our Korean plant. It is also heavy-duty commercial quality but made from lighter materials. It's a little easier to use because the belt is also lighter. It is a terrific value-engineered version of the Runner. It has all the benefits of the Runner, heavy duty plate steel formed and welded frame, shallow curve, super smooth Responsive Belt Technology (RBT), heavy duty axle assemblies, and an easy to use display